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Newly Designed Website

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Hello subscribers. I have recently spent much time going through my site and updating it. While the layout pretty much looks the same, it operates much better now. Especially with pages that have many models (such as Star Wars), all the models are now on their own separate page as opposed to scrolling down through different models on a single page. This also provides a separate link for each individual model now.

A search bar has also been added to the top of each page to easily find a model gallery.

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Jul 17, 2023

🤗hey Chris, which website maker did you use if i may ask? wow looks SOOOO easy to make!

I have models to show to others, and don't want to do facebook.

Jul 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks 4 fast answer.

ps. are you getting more customer commissions thru this site, or from your other internet places?

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