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Probe Droid
EP 5.png

Imperial Probe Droid (Arakyo Viper)
Hasbo Black Series Toy  1/12 scale built in 2020

I modified and repainted the toy to be more like a studio model.
I also added an LED for the one lit eye and remade the antenna in a more accurate scale

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon (YT-1300 Freighter)
("The Empire Strikes Back" version)
DeAgostini studio scale (roughly 1/47 scale) finished 2017

A 26 month labor of love build.  The is the model that RE-IGNITED my passion for model building in 2015.  HEAVILY modified with lighting and additional scratch built detail. My build series can be seen from the "build videos" tab at top of page.


Imperial Walker  "AT-AT"
(All Terrain Armored Transport)

Bandai  1/144 scale built in 2021