Alien 3.png
Alien 3.png

Dog Alien
 Halcyon models 1/9 scale  built in 1992


Dog Burster

 Halcyon models 1/1 scale  built in 1992 & painted 2018

With this Halcyon 1/1 scale Dog Burster, I painted the model, then poured a self mixed red paint over it and let it drip all around to simulate the blood from coming out of a chest.  I also added clumps of tissue paper dipped in the paint and drooped it over areas to simulate flesh and inards.


Queen Embryo
 Halcyon models 1/1 scale  built 1992

With this Halcyon 1/1 scale Queen Embyro, I added fishing line to the tip of the head crown and attached it to the underside of a glass dome, which I then put on a base I made with a light and green glass bottom.  The back half of the glass dome was painted white to reflect the green light.


Super Facehugger
 Halcyon models 1/1 scale  built 1992

This was a regular Halcyon 1/1 scale facehugger model which I modified by adding spikes down the tail, sharp nails, and webbing between the fingers with latex, which has since been rotting away over the years.  I'd like to repair and update at some point.