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Customized scale model build video series
and tutorials from my YouTube channel

Bandai 1/72 scale
A-wing starfighter build

Bandai 1/48 scale
Snowspeeder build

Bandai 1/44 scale
Razor Crest build

Hasbro Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle toy repaint

Fujimi 1/24 scale
Blade Runner "Spinner" build

Stannarts Tauntaun with
Luke Skywalker

Hasbro Nerf EE3 Blaster repaint

Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon

Bandai 1/5000 scale
Imperial Star Destroyer

Solo DL-44 Toy Blaster repaint

1/6 scale resin Newborn Alien build and paint

Dewback model build

B-Wing model build series

Star Trek Klingon K't'inga

Lego Batman Batwing lighting

Lockdown build series

Millennium Falcon model build series

Jupiter 2 model build series

X-Wing model build series

Y-Wing model build series

Tie Fighter model build series

AT-ST model build series

Velociraptor model build

Sulaco from Aliens model paint

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