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Models by Chris scale model builder

Christopher Olson

Hi.  I'm Chris, and I'm a passionate model builder.  

I've been building models since I was a child.  After seeing Star Was in 1977, at the age of 9, my life was changed. I got my first Star Wars model back in 1977 or 1978, and it was the MPC X-Wing, which I still have to this day.  Throughout my child hood I built model cars, sci-fi models, and even some model rockets.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue a career in the film industry, I discovered vinyl and character models. My first vinyl model was the Jungle Predator by Billiken, which can be seen here on my website.  From 1991 to about 1994 I built quite a lot of vinyl character and creature models. This was also a period when I discovered airbrush.  My first airbrush was a cheap one with a small air compressor that was extremely noisy and ran continuously while airbrushing.  So I saved up, got a nice Paasche airbrush and a Badger Millionaire silent air compressor with reserve tank.  What a difference that made.

So in late 1993, I met my wife, and we were married in 1994.  I still did a few models here and there, but not as many as I had when I was single.  Then in 1996, we bought our first house. I had a room just for doing models, but there was so much to do around the house they got pushed aside.  Then our first child came in 1997 and that was it.  Another child 4 years later and models were put on hold for about 18 more years.  I had an office full of models on display and at least a dozen models built, but unfinished.

Then in 2015, I saw an ad for the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon.  This is by far, my favorite ship of all time.  I managed to talk my wife into letting me get it and began my long 26 month building journey.  For the first time, I did my own modifications using styrene and greeblies, added fiber optics and LEDs for lighting as well. My passion for model building was really re-ignited now.  I discovered Bandai Star Wars models and started buying them up when I could.  I have soooo many models to do now. But I am getting through them and finishing up the ones that have been sitting for almost 20 years.  

So I finally decided to get my own site up and running to display my customized model builds for the world to see.  So enjoy.

All model photographs on my site are photographs I have personally taken using my Canon T2i 35mm digital camera.

For supplies and electronics I use in my model building, check out my Amazon Storefront.  I may receive compensation through this link.

Christopher Olson

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