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Batman Batmobile
AMT 1/25 scale

I began the building the Batmobile by priming the model first with Tamiya fine gray primer.  I then gave it a coat of Army Painter Base Primer: Matt Black.  I really like the sheen of this black for the Batmobile.


My next step was creating a hole behind the engine so that I could place LEDs behind it to light it.


After preparing the engine for lighting, I began to work on the dash to light it as well.  I first painted the dash, then drilled some .25mm holes in various areas of the dash to light with fiber optic, and also cut out the little computer screen on the right to light it as well.


I then created a computer screen with some images of maps and technical information.  I scaled down the photo to the size of the cutout I had made and printed it on photo paper.  I could then place an LED behind the photo to backlight and illuminate.


I then ran my fibers into the various drilled holes and glued them in place using Elmer's Glue.  I also secured a 3mm white LED behind the computer screen.


With the interior painted, lit and assembled, I went back to work on the rear of the Batmobile again.  I inserted 2 yellow 3mm flickering LEDs in a toothpaste cap and glued it behind the hole I had made for the engine.  After setting, I filled in any gaps using liquid electrical tape and covered the whole cap for light blocking.


I then attached 4 red SMD LEDs to the 4 tail lights at the rear.  I also secured them in place using the liquid electrical tape.  Again, for gluing and light blocking purposes.  I then soldered the leads to a small bread board I had cut out and placed behind the cockpit.


It was then time to do the headlights.  I cut out the center of the housing that goes behind the clear headlight to allow light to shine through and glued the clear piece in place.  


I wanted an amber colored headlight, but was not totally happy with the LED colors available.  So I printed an amber color onto some plain white paper, cut out small pieces and glued them behind the headlights to diffuse the light and add the amber color I was looking for.  I then used 3mm warm white LEDs to light the headlights.  I cut out 2 small pieces of styrene and glued them inside the body of the Batmobile to support and hold the 3mm LEDs in place.


So at this point, the wiring and lightings was all completed.


To finish up the model, I moved on to painting and weathering the the remaining metal pieces to be placed around the vehicle.  I coated the chrome plastic pieces with some Tamiya oil stain pastel to tone down the chrome and give them a used weathered look.  I also used just a touch of Tamiya red rust pastel as well on a couple of areas.


I then finished it all up with a bit of black wash inside the chrome wheels and black paint to outline the bat symbol in the center of the wheels.


And the finished model gallery can be viewed here.

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