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Bandai 1/12 scale built 2021

Probably one of the most famous droids next to 3PO and R2. It was first seen in Episode IV on the desert planet Tatooine.  This little one was captured by Jawas and delivered by Sandcrawler to the Owen farm along side
R2-D2 and C-3PO.


Bandai 1/12 scale built 2021

R2-Q2 first appeared in the corridors aboard the Tantive IV blockade runner during the opening scene of Star Wars. He's seen in the background with the rebel troops as they're battling the oncoming Stormtroopers.


Bandai 1/12 scale built 2021

R4-I9 is an Astromech droid stationed on the Death Star in Star Wars. 


Bandai 1/12 scale built 2021

R4-M9 is an Astromech droid who also appeared in the corridors of the Tantive IV in the opening scenses of Star Wars. 


Gonk and Mouse Droid
JPG Productions 1/12 scale
built 2021

The Gonk Droid first appeared in Episode IV inside the Jawa Sandcrawler
after R2-D2 was captured.  The mouse droid appears on the Death Star roaming the hallways. 


0-0-0 Torture Droid
Bandai 1/12 scale built 2019

While not from the films proper, 0-0-0- is a toruture droid from the expanded universe comics.  Through the Bluefin Brands worldwide Star Wars model competition, this kit was my prize for the "Best Starfighter Build", which I won with Bandai 1/48 scale X-wing.  I also won the "Best In Show" prize with my Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing starfighter build.  That prize was the Bandai 1/4500 scale Star Destroyer kit I have yet to build.