EP 6.png

B-Wing Starfighter
Bandai 1/72 scale built in 2021
I added fiber optics to the cockpit, flickering LEDs to the engines, and fiber optics for the head lamps and laser cannons.


AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport)
Bandai 1/48 scale built in 2018
I did add a LED to the interior cabin, purely to illuminate it so you could see inside through the windows.  This lighting is not accurate to how it looked in the film.


Speeder Bike (74-Z)
Bandai 1/12 scale built 2019


Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper

Bandai 1/12 scale built 2019

I custom built the base for the display


Super Star Destroyer "Executor"

Bandai 1/100,000 scale built 2019

I added 13 red LEDs inside this tiny little model for the engines.