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Speeder Bike build

Bandai 1/12 scale

The Speeder Bike was a pretty straight forward build needing only to be painted and weathered.  No modifications or lighting needed.  The only addition would be my custom diorama base.

So to start with, I painted all parts of the Speeder Bike with chrome silver, then covered all the parts with some hairspray for paint protection.


After that, I spray painted all of the engine parts with Tamiya flat black and airbrushed the rest of the bike parts with Vallejo Beige Brown.


I then went over the parts with a dry Q-tip and rubbed away the newly painted surface, exposing the chrome silver underneath, which was protected from wearing away with the hairspray I had used before.


After rubbing away surface paint and doing some scratching of the paint as well with a blade, I proceeded and did some airbrush of some Tamiya German Gray in some of the front areas of the bike and side vents.  I allowed the paint to splatter a little, rather than a clean blend with the airbrush.


I then assembled the rest of the bike together and did some more weathering, using some Tamiya pastels.  Some Soot and Oil Stain pastels around the brown body areas to simulate oil and dirt.  I also used Sand pastel around black areas to simulate dirt and dust and lightly over raised areas of the body to highlight.  Some Orange Rust pastel was also used in various engine areas for simulate rust obviously.


And finally I made a base for my bike with a piece of wood purchased from Hobby Lobby.  Used a 1/4" clear plexi rod to hold up the bike to simulate it floating on air. I glued real dirt to the surface, added a branch from a tree to simulate a tree trunk, another small branch laying down to simulate a broken tree, and various fake plants I planted around the base to simulate foliage.  I also airbrushed the dirt in some areas to change the tone and highlight.  As well as added a couple of areas of heavy clear coat to simulate water puddles.


And that's about it.  And of course, the final product can be seen HERE.

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