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Slowly but Surely

Well, we moved into our new home on Dec. 21st. Almost 3 weeks now. Still unpacking and finding where to put our things. It'll still unfortunately, be a bit till I'm up and building again. I'm also waiting on some new glass showcases to be delivered to set up my new model room.

But in the process of unpacking, I have almost determined the full extent of the theft from our storage unit. They got 44 models. Yes, 44 models, all built. My Halo Reach statue, Alien limited edition glowing Alien Egg statue from the blu-ray collection, a very large selection of binders full of rare movie trading cards, and possibly more. All of my son's and my Xbox and PS3 games, my son's autographed electric guitar, which I had mentioned before, about a dozen rare international movie posters, a selection of Disney blu-rays, my TV series blu ray collection, a large collection of Dremel tools in a very nice wooden case and many different accessories, some of my wife's spoon collection display cases, and we think more. We keep realizing things are missing at different points of unpacking. It's extremely frustrating and annoying. I'm sure they'd have no idea of where or how to sell my models, so for all I know, they could be sitting on some complete strangers shelf being admired, as if they paid for them or worked for them. Ugh. So anyway, that's where I stand at the moment.

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