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Welcome to my Website!

Thank you for checking out my website. I created this site to showcase my model builds and in some cases, show how they were made and modified, either through links to my YouTube videos or photo galleries of works in progress.

I will also do blog posts from time to time of current builds I'm working on, showing the progress and status. Now, I'm not a blogger, so I'll be completely upfront and honest with you, that this WILL NOT be a daily occurrence, or even weekly necessarily. While my YouTube channel is more for tutorial purposes, this site is more of a place to just showcase my builds. But I will do my best to blog and update as often as I can.

So I hope you enjoy my page and get some inspiration or possibly even some ideas for your own builds, if you are a builder yourself. Or even encouragement to get back into model building after being away from it for a time, which was the case with myself. And even if you're not a model builder, but just a casual fan of model building or a fan of the topics of my builds, such as Star Wars... you also are welcome to browse.

Subscribe to my site, and you'll receive emails when there are new blog posts and when new galleries are added to the site.

Thanks again, and enjoy my site.


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