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Vulture Droid

Hasbro 1/18 scale

The Vulture Droid was another toy conversion I decided to do.  Again, no model kit was made of  the Vulture Droids, except a kit by AMT, which contained 3 small Vulture Droids flying in formation.  The scale was very small, as each Droid was about 2 inches in length. 


So because the detail was actually quite good, being a standard toy and not Black Series, I decided to do a repaint of the toy, to more accurately resemble a studio model, and added working red eyes as well.

So my first step was trying to take apart the head to see how and if I could add working red eyes.


While I was able to take the top of the head off, I had to break it off to do so.  It was not just pressed or snapped together.  But with the head off, I cut away the inside of the eyes.


I then glued in some red gel under the cutouts, and then a layer of white cellophane to diffuse my light source.


A red 0603 SMD LED was then glued into position inside the head and tested.


As you can see, there was some light bleed during the test, so light blocking was then done on the inside using black paint and then white paint to bounce the light around inside. 

At which point it was time to weather the toy to look more realistic and like a studio model.


As with most of my kits, I did a black wash to accent the panel lines.  I then weathered the toy using Tamiya Pastels. Soot, Oil Stain, Sand, Mud and Orange Rust.

And the final product can be seen in my gallery HERE.

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