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New Model Gallery

Finally have uploaded photos of my recent model completion of the Horizon 1/6 scale RoboCop vinyl model kit. I've had this model sitting on a shelf unpainted for the last 20+ years. Finally got around to painting him a month or 2 ago. Been so busy that I haven't had time to take photos for the gallery. But finally got around to it last night. So here is the RoboCop photo gallery.

Unfortunately, I'm still very behind because of our situation in trying to move. Because of this, much of my painting equipment and supplies are packed up and I'm unable to do any work. So there won't be much in the way of updates on models for a bit. Sorry for that. But hopefully the RoboCop will give you something to enjoy.

Thank you again for visiting my site, and if you subscribe to my blog, thank you for that as well.

Christopher Olson

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