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Alphabetical list of Star Wars models

Available in Photo Gallery

Unbuilt or works in progess

A-Wing (Bandai 1/72 scale)

Anakin's Pod Racer (AMT 1/32 scale)

ARC170 Starfighter (Revell 1/83 scale)

AT-AT Pilot (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

AT-ACT (Revell 1/100 scale)

AT-M6 (Revell 1/164 scale)

AT-ST Downed (Legion Games 1/48 scale)

BB-8 (Bandai 1/12 scale)

Blockade Runner (Bandai 1/1000 scale)

Boba Fett (Screamin 1/6 scale)

C-3PO (Bandai 1/12 scale)

C3PO (Screamin 1/6 scale)

Chewy (Polydata 1/6 scale)

Corporate Alliance Droid (Revell 1/48 scale)

Death Star (AMT 1/520,000 scale)

Death Star (Garage Kit unknown scale)

Death Star II (Bandai 1/2700000 scale)

D-O (Bandai 1/12 scale)

Droid Tri-Fighter (Revell 1/24 scale)

Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

First Order Command Shuttle (Revell 1/93 scale)

General Grievous Starfighter (Revell 1/32 scale)

Gungan Sub (AMT 1/48 scale)

Han’s Speeder (Revell 1/28 scale)

Imperial Patrol Speeder (Revell 1/28 scale)

Imperial Shuttle "Tyderium" (AMT 1/89 scale)

Jedi Starfighter / Ahsoka Tano CW (Revell 1/40 scale)

Jedi Starfighter / Anakin ROTS (Revell 1/58 scale)

Jedi Starfighter / Obi Wan ROTS (Revell 1/58 scale)

Jedi Starfighter w/Hyperdrive Docking Ring (Bandiai 1/144 scale)

K-2SO (Bandai 1/12 scale)

Luke X-34 Land Speeder (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

Millennium Falcon (Bandai 1/350 scale)

Millennium Falcon Lando's (Bandai 1/144 scale)

Naboo Starfighter (AMT 1/48 scale)

Purge Trooper JFO (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

R2-D2 (Bandai 1/12 scale)

R2-D2 (Screamin 1/6 scale)

Razor Crest (Bandai 1/144 scale)

Rey Speeder Bike (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

Shadow Trooper (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

Slave 1 (AMT 1/85 scale)

Snow Speeder (Bandai 1/48 scale)

Snowtrooper FO (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

Star Destroyer (Bandai 1/4500 scale)

Tie Fighter (Bandai 1/144 scale)

Tie Fighter Advanced x1 (Bandai 1/144 scale)

Tie Fighter First Order Special Forces (Bandai 1/72 scale)

Tie Fighter Pilot (Hasbro Black Series 1/12 scale)

Tie Silencer / Kylo Ren’s (Revell 1/70 scale)

Treadspeeder (Hasbro 1/15 scale)

X-Wing Starfighter  (ProShop 1/35 scale)

X-Wing Starfighter Poe's Ep VII  (Bandai 1/72 scale)

X-WIng Starfighter Resistance Ep VII (Bandai 1/72 scale)

X-Wing Starfighter Poe's Boosted Ep VIII  (Bandai 1/72 scale)

X-Wing Starfighter Poe's Ep IX  (Bandai 1/72 scale)

X-Wing Starfighter Resistance Ep IX  (Bandai 1/72 scale)

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